Friday, December 2, 2011

Christmas doings

I am working on the Sweet time quilt, ran out of the bobbin again.  I underestimated how many to make but luckily I have two cones of pink thread and a separate apparatus to wind bobbins for Gladys.   I will probably go through two more. I hope to have it all quilted soon!

I am also working on the potato bags, the lowly little homely things.  They make me laugh.  Only have two done, probably won't finish for a while yet.  My husband saw them and thinks we should keep one.  OK!

I am working on my sewing and knitting plus my favorite Christmas tradition - the cards!  I don't know what fun activity to work on, I flit about from one to the other.  I hope to have something finished by Monday to show you on this blog, if not, I have other Christmas quilts I can post.

This one is on the door of my condo.  It is machine pieced and hand quilted.  I like it but someday I might make a newer bigger one for the Condo door.  Plus, since I don't bake anymore for Christmas the pie might not be truth in advertising.  Hmmm, but I do eat pie?  I don't bake cookies or anything  because it's not enjoyable for me.  Enjoy the holiday activities you love or  if you hate it, consider dropping it.  Or not, heck this is just a blog no wisdom here!

Enjoy all your holiday doings and I will talk to you again on Monday!


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