Monday, December 19, 2011

Blue bird of happiness

The Mad Plaid quilt is off of Gladys, all trimmed and waiting for the binding.

I cut the binding before I put MP on the longarm and I put it...where?  I looked everywhere and guess where I found it?

In the garbage can!


Yes!  I cleaned up all the extra bits of the flannel and threw them away and obviously I got carried away.

 I also finished the tea wallets, my wonderful husband used his muscles to put in all the snaps.

On the right hand side of the picture you can see one opened up with 6 tea bags neatly stored in there.  No more bad tea at restaurants!  Or if you only like a certain kind, these can store that as well.

I finished up these projects by stitching the original back together and putting it with all my tea bags.  I used up all my favorites but lucky for me I am going out for tea on Wednesday, I will stock it again!

My next project is sortof an ongoing present project.  I ordered a whole bunch of solid colored cotton dish towels.  Then I gathered favorite fun fabrics.  I think there is something I can do to perk up those dish towels, don't you?

However, I have 28 dish towels.  My husband always says that overkill is the best kill and I sure over killed it on the dish towels.  I will save them and make them for presents throughout the year. 

I hope to make at least 4 and finish the binding and only then can I start wrapping or as I like to call it, shove it all in bags!

My sorority sisters gave us blue topaz necklaces to remember Darcy since that is her birth stone.

I also wanted to remember her on my Christmas Tree so I told my daughter that I was going to buy a small bird in memory of Darcy who flew away from us but who we will never forget.  She said, oh get me one, too, and look for a blue one.  Perfect, a blue topaz bird!

Here's to the Blue Bird of happiness flying back into all of our lives.


  1. Wow, Mad Plaid is pretty cool looking. Somebody will be pretty lucky getting it.

    And we will drink to the bluebird of happiness flying back into our lives on New Year's Eve.

  2. Thanks! And the blue topaz has been such a source of solace in our lives, thanks again.

  3. The MP is coming along and yes overkill is the best kill. You will be glad that you over bought on the dish towels.
    The bird looks great on the tree. A loving reminder of Darcy.


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