Friday, December 30, 2011

Slow progress toward the New Year

I am not making very fast or concrete progress.  I was on fire before Christmas and now, definitely NOT on fire.

I did have Cliff put up my new thread organizer, it is just for the cones I use on my Gammill.  Can you believe how many cones I have?  He just put this up and I practically need another organizer.  I could never find one of these in the stores, just organizers for regular spools.  Shelby found it online and gave it to me for Christmas.  I love it!  I had a calendar here but I had Cliff put the nail for that on the bookshelf next to my machine.
I know what you are thinking, What about your other sewing Christmas presents Ms. Quilter lady?  (I know these things because I am psychic, or was that psycho?)

At any rate, I did fold all the fabrics in that laundry basket.

That's all? 
Well, yes, that's all!
And the new machine?

The machine and I are getting to know each other. 
Hey, I am not that kind of girl!

I opened all the packages, put the accessories in the special box, read parts of the instruction booklet and got it plugged in.  Hurray!

I also filled a bobbin which was fab - u - lous!  My old machine no longer did this and this one, well, it was a religious experience!  I also threaded it and sewed a whole line of stitching!

My first little project will be to hem this piece of fabric on all sides for my next book club.  We are discussing "The Good Earth"  so I ordered this fabric from Paducah's of Kentucky, my favorite fabric store in the whole world.  It is from Japan but creates the Asian look I want for the table.  I am going to finish all the sides and put it over a blue tablecloth for an accent piece.  Then I will start ironing and cutting that cute pile of green fabric next to it!

I am going to take the Holiday weekend off from blogging but not from sewing. I will post again on January 3rd.

Happy New Year!  I wish all of us good things in 2012!  Next year I want so many good things to happen to me and my family that you will say, hot damn, that Kathy has one amazing life!


  1. Went to the Art Institute today, saw an exhibit called "The Fabric of a New Nation". They had some interesting quilts and samplers there. Once absolutely bueutiful embroidery piece done by a 14 year old girl in 1790, or something like that. Wouldn't she have beeen amazed to know that her work was in a museum in 200+ years? Maybe yours will be!

  2. That sounds terrific, maybe I can get Maureen to go there with me on an Adventure. Thanks for the tip!


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