Friday, December 16, 2011

Sewing Signs

Can you tell the progress I have made on the Mad Plaid quilt? On the left you can see how rolled up it is on the roller now.  On the right you can see the squares, rectangles and lines I am quilting. 

I enjoy being in my sewing room, working on the quilt and various Christmas presents.  I have so many cool things up there.  The possibly coolest part of my sewing room are the various signs I have collected and displayed.  Here they are:

I got this during the Winter Olympics

Hey, maybe this was the original quotation!

This was my first sign and it is my favorite

This one seems apt to me lately

That's me!

Are you insanely jealous right now?  Well, maybe Santa will get some for you.  Most of mine came from Thimbles in Lockport, Illinois.  The other signs I found at The Pickwick Society Tea room in Frankfort.

What are favorite signs of yours?   I hope they are as cool and fun as mine.


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